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Cohousing at L'Ago

Covid 19 can be considered as a break point in tourism.

Our business plan for Lagorà Resort was based on tourism trends form 2010 t0 2019 and it was set ready to invetors at the end of 2019.

Pandemic event at the beginning of 2020 stopped tourism and all new developement for this businenes area.

Now we need to reset the point to fit; new needs and a new way of living in nature and taking journey through the world in a safe way both under environmental and economics point of view, are the focus of this new reset.

Italy, and in particular the area of Cinque Terre are interesting to move from abroad if you are involved in a newage feeling, looking for a slow journey trough Italy, experiencing work in contact with nature and at the same time if you would like to have the opportunity for home working trough intenet.

We are planning a Cohousing network where it will be possible, using technology and ethics to bring back your life to a natural style and ancjent values.

Our approach will take the former project of Lagorà Resort and bring it to the new concept of a slow journey through italy, giving you the opportunity to buy your home whithout having any trouble connected to own the house. We are organizing to make your property in italy as a liquid coin easly convertable in any other house or in fiat money. You will own only a smart contract to use the house that will be your home with all the services that only a spread hotel can give you for your daily life.

Follow us at MyA Cohousing if you would like to partecipate to this project of freedom and take your experience and your need inside the projects.

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